To operate the portfolio, governance decisions are required to create loan contracts. A loan is created to manage the assets within a portfolio, and each asset is an NFT. This means that a portfolio can have multiple loans, which are managed by an Asset Originator.

Loan States

There are five states for a loan:

  • Created - The loan agreement is created with Elysia NFTs as collateral.

  • Started - The loan enters this stage once it has been approved by ELYFI governance, and in this state, money can be borrowed.

  • Canceled - The manager can cancel a loan associated with a invalid token.

  • Repaid - The loan has been repaid correctly.

  • Defaulted - The loan is in default.

The addition of portfolio and asset management structures enhances the ELYFI Protocol's capabilities, providing users with more control and flexibility in their investments. These structures also add another layer of transparency and security, as users can track the progress and status of their portfolios and loans, contributing to the overall stability and reliability of the platform.

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