Tokenization of Real-World Assets

ELYFI Protocol enables the tokenization of various real-world assets, initially focusing on the residential real estate sector and now extending to encompass receivables such as e-commerce receivables. Tokenization allows asset owners to raise capital more efficiently, while offering DeFi liquidity providers access to a diverse range of real asset investments that provide potential profitability and stability.

These products include loans backed by real estate, SMEs, and medical personnel. ELYFI sources its receivables from online investment-linked financial business entity in Korea, such as PeopleFund and 90days. These companies are reputable financial institutions in Korea, regulated by the Korean Financial Services Commission (FSC).

  • Apartment Collateralized P2P Principal Receivable: 10-13% yield with a 1-year maturity.

  • Mortgage Loans (real estate): 11-12% yield with a 1-year maturity.

  • E-commerce Receivables: 10-13% yield for 90 days with a 7-day to 2-week maturity, and 6-8% yield with a 1-2 week maturity.

  • Physician Future Receivables (credit): 10-13% yield with a 6-month maturity.

To deliver a more comprehensive representation of the assets and improve the investment process, ELYFI Protocol tokenizes real assets in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Each NFT represents a unique asset and includes detailed information about the asset, as follows:

  • Collateral type (collateral_type): This field indicates the type of collateral securing the tokenized asset, such as principal receivable based on e-commerce receivables.

  • Right to receive principal and interest payments: This field contains an IPFS link to an image representing the investor's right to receive principal and interest payments on their investment.

  • Certificate number (certificate_number): A unique identification number for the investment certificate.

  • Holder (owner): The owner of the investment certificate.

  • Item number (item_number): A unique identification number for the specific investment product.

  • Product name (product_name): A descriptive name for the investment product, such as Card Transaction Settlement (CTS).

  • Investment amount (investment_amount): The total amount invested in the specific asset.

  • Investment rate (investment_rates): The interest rate or return on the investment.

  • Investment post date (investment_post_date): The date the investment was made.

  • Repayment due date (repayment_due_date): The date by which the investment must be repaid, including principal and interest.

By incorporating this additional information within each NFT, ELYFI Protocol offers liquidity providers enhanced transparency and a more comprehensive understanding of their investments, contributing to the platform's overall efficiency and security.

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